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When did Moving Made Easy start?  

    Our business started over 32 years ago before the term "ALTERNATIVE MOVING" or Movers Helpers had ever been used...we believe and practice that costumer service is more than a department. March 2019 we transfer this calling over to the new owner:
Brennan Sallstrom!

What is the #1 thing that sets you apart from other companies?

Repeat clients!  Most movers think they will never see their client again.  We are proud to move our neighbors. We have dozens of local referring agencies that recommend our service: realtors, storage facilities, container companies like PODS, rental truck companies and even some other moving companies that simply  can't afford to do the extra things that we offer.

How far does your company reach?

We have been honored to work with some of the most wonderful people of the Northwest and humbled as clients fly us back and forth to help them in other states in America.  Our small company has helped people move all over the world.

Any favorite jobs you have done?

It is hard to compare, I supose the happy moves make us feel good but it is the tough jobs where we really shine and serve the client.  Experience does make things run smooth.  

We are honored that these professionals have referred their clients to our service.
Karen Arlt
Karen Arlt
Real Estate Professional


Brian Solinsky

Brian Solinsky

Real Estate Professional

Lissa Solinsky
Lissa Solinsky 
Mortgage Broker

Tom & Laure Kittelman
Real Estate Professionals


Elizabeth Amos

Elizabeth Morningstar
Real Estate Professional


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